Full body restoration...

As a man of 53 years, I have run up against that tough experience that most people call 'getting old'. This has taken the form of various physical aches, pains, and tweaks, but most of all I had the distinct feeling that something was not right with my body. As a young man, I had played tennis at a very high competitive level, eventually ending my career due to an injury. At that time, my coach had recommended Rolfing as an effective help for the injury, and my first ten-series was successful in bringing me relief. So, I reasoned that my body had undergone about 35 years of inattention since that time, and a new ten-series of Rolfing Structural Integration was in order.


 I found Robin Graber through a recommendation on the Rolf Institute website. After careful consultation with her, I agreed to commit to a Rolfing ten-series, and I can say without reservation that this has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made towards my health and well-being. Within three sessions my body was gaining long-forgotten stability and ease of motion. Chronic pains that had been present in my shoulder, feet, and legs simply stopped as the structural integration took effect and these pains have not returned. I breathe better, I feel taller and far more stable, and I can enjoy athletic pursuits that I thought were long over for me. Throughout the whole ten-series I found Robin to be a consummate professional, always working with a carefully considered approach to my specific body structure. 
 If you are at a similar stage in life, and you get the feeling that something just isn't right, don't reach for medications. Deal with your body's structural issues in a truly effective way: by calling Robin and committing to a Rolfing Structural Integration series.
-Dave Triano, South Lake Tahoe



Knee replacement not required...

I have three brothers who all have had total knee replacements. We are all are in our 60s & 70s, I am 78.   We earned our livings in pro football, high-rise construction & rigging, bridge building requiring athletic ability and strong lower bodies; none of us are overweight.  We worked in these fields for 40 years.  We all have lower body degenerating osteoarthritis with debilitating pain. I considered knee replacement but decided against it as my brothers who are not pain free are not as functional or as mobile due to being unable to exercise enough to stay in shape.   As I researched my options I discovered a holistic MD doctor in Carson City who performed Prolozone therapy.  After 2 years on his program my once deformed knees appeared normal and I am pain free.  However; I did have discomfort in the tendons above and below my knees but my doctor had no opinion on this other than a few exercises that did not help the problem.   On the internet I came across the words myofascia and Rolfing.  I bought Ida Rolf’s manual.  After reading much of the book I thought it was worth a try as it looked as though the Rolfing method is more of a science than simply physical therapy.  I found Robin Graber on the internet and made an appointment.  When I first met Robin in her studio and saw how tiny she is I thought (even as she appeared quite fit) oh well I'm here it's worth one visit. So here it was at the end of her day.  Not 5 minutes into her work on me came my first holycow moment....she can do this.  During the session she told me of her background and years of experience, but who could have guessed that she took it so seriously...I was able to follow her fingers, elbow and fist as she separated and moved muscle and tendon to its correct position.   I took the 10 series and now see her almost every month.   On my June visit (about 6 weeks ago) I walked in with a lot of discomfort in my left knee.  I swear she took that knee apart piece by piece and correctly put it back together.  Not a hint of discomfort since.  Mountain hiking and skiing are my two favorite sports.  Robin Graber's practice is what is keeping me in these sports.   Thank you so much for your interest in my health.

Ken LoVetere, Walker, CA


Lasting relief from the pain of old injuries...

I broke my neck and pelvis in a car accident during college and have literally hurt every day since.  I have been to chiropractors, therapists, acupuncturists and even tried supplements for pain control.  Being an occupational therapist with a mom who is a physical therapist, I knew the power of massage, but truly had no idea there could be lasting effects beyond the “feel good” immediately following a session.  

 I tried Rolfing with Robin Graber a couple times as needed when my pain was unbearable, and I got more relief than I had gotten elsewhere, but it wasn’t until I committed to the 10 session course that I began noticing the changing effects that were actually lasting.  The amazing part of Robin’s sessions is that they are not painful; I had tried various myofascial techniques and they weren’t comfortable to say the least…She has an amazing touch, is extremely in tune with what hurts and most importantly WHY it hurts.  She might not work on the specific point you complain about, but when you are done, after she’s played with feet and other body parts you are certain have nothing to do with the pain in your neck, you leave pain free.  

 I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing any kind of pain to try out Rolfing Structural Integration.  It is very different from traditional massage, it truly works and we are so fortunate to have someone who specializes in this field right here in Carson City!  I noticed on session 5 that I wasn’t hurting….at all… and I was able to go longer between other visits to my manual therapist, which hadn’t been possible for the previous 5 years of treatment. Robin makes it comfortable, she listens and is completely present for whatever symptoms you care to mention, and applies a holistic, lasting knowledge that can truly change the way your entire body moves.  By the way, she also has gift certificates which I’ve gotten for those “hard to buy for relatives”, because face it, we all have aches and pains at some time or another and this truly, truly works.  

 Kristin Robison, MOT, OTR/L


Relief from chronic pain and an improved golf swing...

I am one of the millions of Americans who lived (note the past tense) with lower back pain that began in my mid-twenties. I spent thousands of dollars on physical therapy, chiropractic, massage. I exercised, strengthened my core muscles, did everything I was told, with varying, but inevitably disappointing results. I pretty much had resigned myself to living with the pain. I loved to play golf, but just to get through a round, I was taking six to eight doses of Advil. I heard about Robin and Rolfing from a friend, and figured I’d give it a try. My expectations were pretty modest, given everything else I’d tried. That was a little over a year ago. I’ll start with day to day functioning. Within 3 months, I was virtually pain-free. I still took an Advil or two to play golf, but after another month or so, I didn’t need to. Now, what I didn’t expect were the “side effects” of Rolfing. My posture improved, I was told it would. My range of motion improved to where movement unrelated to my back that I thought I would never perform again, became possible. My golf swing became more fluid, which improved my tempo. My balance improved. I’m able to finish my swing facing the target. What a concept! Rolfing is powerful stuff, and Robin is a premier practitioner. We are so lucky to have her in Carson City!

Hazel Bowen, Carson City, NV

Returning balance as nature intended...

I would highly recommend Robin & her approach to Rolfing. In a quest to nurture my body & mind, I came acrossed Rolfing. From the moment I contacted Robin, she answered all of my questions honestly and with great knowledge. Then I met her - wow - immediately she made me feel at ease and comfortable. She explained everything and checked in on me regularly during the sessions to make sure I was feeling ok with everything. Now, the Rolfing experience - hard to come up with words to describe it. I will try. First, there is an overall awareness of how my body is supposed to be, as nature intended - instead of just going through the motions and knowing no other way. I have always struggled with my posture and can now honestly say I feel taller and more erect in my stance. There is also a greater sense of balance in my body as a whole. I feel fortunate to not have any major health problems or pain complaints. However, I did have some neck, shoulder and back pain, probably from years of carrying my body the wrong way and stress. That pain is now gone. I look forward to my sessions with Robin and always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. There has never been one moment of discomfort or hurt in any way - I think it feels good and am sad to see my 10 series with Robin end. If you are on a path of wellness and putting more importance on your total wellbeing (body, mind, & spirit), Rolfing with Robin is an essential piece, in my opinion.

Sarah Brown, Carson City, NV

Finding "connectivity"....

Over the years I had compartmentalized my body and then narrowed my focus to those parts that were painful - I no longer had a real sense of my whole self.  As I went through the Rolfing sessions with Robin, she helped me re-establish the "connectivity" I had let slip away.  I have a renewed sense of wholeness and, as I move with consciousness, a certain grace and agility have returned.  I feel connected to myself and to the life around me.  I'm thankful for that.

K.B., Carson City, NV